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Featured Article excerpt: Pianist and composer Angelo Rapan recently released his debut album, Songs of Leaving. This work, which blends new age with a strictly classical background, tells story about the struggle –and the resolution– associated with departures from one’s home country. It is quite autobiographical: after spending his childhood in Bucharest and then moving to Spain, to Belgium, to the United States and Hong Kong, Rapan has now found a home in Memphis, Tennessee (Great music scene, by the way, he remarks).

He has been playing the piano since the age of four, mainly influenced by his mother and siblings. A longtime believer in improvisation, he used music to overcome shyness when he was a kid: “When they asked me to say something, I was “I am not telling you, but I am playing it for you,” he told us. [continue]

 ~ Angelica Frey
CMuse Magazine


Featured Article excerpt: The subtitle under Angelo Râpan’s name on his website reads: “Musical Versatility.” This is a bit of an understatement concerning the talents of this Romanian-born pianist/composer, whose musical repertoire expands beyond his classical roots, encompassing music theatre, opera, music for dance, Argentine tango, world music, and with the latest chapter in his life, which he describes as, “contemporary instrumental music of a reflective, soothing nature.” Although this diversity is not surprising considering that Angelo is truly a citizen of the world … [continue]

 ~ Michael Diamond
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Angelo Râpan has released his album Songs of Leaving and with that successfully weaved a tapestry of instrumental tales of the heart.

“Remember” is the focus track and my initial thoughts are similar to what Will Ackerman said about the artist. He transfers his mind, body and soul through his fingers to make beautiful and moving music.

Like a clear running stream of cool water ready for consumption he lets his fingers do all the talking. His message to us is to “Remember” who you are, where you have been and where you are going. Listen and you will be able to relate easily!

~ Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
Rating 5/5 Stars

Angelo Rapan inhabits the smallest ecosystem known to musicians: The place where heart and mind are perfectly in balance.   Angelo comes to us from years of training and discipline to a place where his skills are immediately and dramatically apparent.  What makes him stand apart, however, is the passion of his composition and performance which force us to encounter him on an emotional level far beyond what mere skill can provide.    Those skills are certainly breathtaking, and his composition unique, but ultimately it is what he has to tell us of a life deeply and richly lived that matters.

 ~ Will Ackerman

Angelo Rapan’s successful career as both a classical pianist and music director could scarcely predict how self-assured and accomplished his debut recording as a new player and the contemporary instrumental arena would be.  The latest page in the book of his life has culminated in his collaboration with acclaimed production / engineering team of Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont.  This album represent a return of sort for the once shy Romanian boy who was more comfortable playing his own music than talking.  His inner journey to explore music as a way of telling his life’s story, communication what it was like for him to endure his early struggles and finally find peace and fulfillment.  Songs of Leaving display not only his considerable talent for weaving classical influence into his piano subtlety and nuance or a commanding presence in drama and passion.

~ BIll Binkelman